Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I know if I have hearing loss?
Do you often have to ask people to repeat themselves? Do people say your TV is too loud? In conversations, do you feel that others are mumbling? Do you have trouble hearing in restaurants or other public places? If so, you may be suffering from some level of hearing loss.
2When should I have my hearing tested?
We recommend that you have a baseline hearing evaluation at age 50, and annually after that. This is the same age when annual colonoscopies are recommend, and we give you our 100 percent guarantee that the hearing evaluation is the more pleasant of the two!
3How much do hearing aids cost?
The price of hearing instruments varies according to the style and technology selected. We will help you choose the best hearing aid for your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget. We generously discount every hearing aid we sell, and offer easy in-house financing for any budget. Many plans also have discounted rates with Beltone.